Tips and Tricks for CCP

If you are a College Credit Plus student, you know that it is a crazy, stressful, fun time in your life. The transition to college might be difficult. For me, it was pretty seamless. The number one complaint I hear from fellow CCP-ers is that their friends don’t really understand what they are doing.

I think it was pretty easy for me, because I was homeschooled instead of going to public school for my first two years of high school. All of my friends were already used to me being different. If I could offer one piece of advice about it? Don’t get offended if people around you either ask tons of questions or don’t understand it. Just answer their questions and quietly defend your choice if you need to.

When I graduate high school, I will have my high school diploma (duh Becca! But when I was homeschooled I wouldn’t have been able to get the diploma, instead I would get a GED.) and close to 60 credits of college credits. Free. Paid for. No debt. None.

Let’s see…my first tip to you as a fellow CCP-er is to get organized ASAP. If you are discombobulated then it will be hard for you to enjoy your time. Unless you thrive like that then more power to ya!

Another tip is to talk to your teachers. I know that it can be really weird to go up and introduce yourself. In fact, I didn’t even do that. But I still have talked extensively to them, especially my history teacher. I asked them for help on homework, and I am glad that they are awesome people so that they don’t get annoyed with all of my email! (I ask a lot of questions…)

When you get stuck with a teacher you don’t like or a subject you don’t like, don’t get all depressed about it. Don’t let that interfere with learning the material. I have a teacher like that right now. She is an awesome person, and I talk to her outside of class a little bit, but she is so hard to follow in class. So even if you don’t understand the subject matter in class, go home and hit it hard. Make sure you understand it before that next class. Go to your tutoring center if you need to. Just get it learned.

Also, do your absolute best work, but don’t knock yourself if you bomb a quiz or a test. I am a generally good student. I failed a recent Chemistry quiz. Downright failed it. And I beat myself up for getting low B’s. Let me rephrase that. I used to beat myself up.

Which brings me to my next point! Expect different things of yourself. College is hard. On so many levels. You need to reevaluate yourself as a student and set reasonable goals for yourself. My goal for this semester is to get all A’s. I am right on the border with my Stats class. I got a low 80% on my last Stats exam, and surprisingly I wasn’t upset! I plan to up that grade on my final exam so I can maintain that grade.

I have changed how I view my skills. I still strive to get the highest score, but I know that I can’t expect myself to do the same level of work as I did during my homeschooled years. Now, I am NOT saying to let yourself slide here. That would be…wrong. I hope you understand what I am saying…


Anyway, I will be updating this page with more tips and tricks as I think of them. Please email me at with any specific questions. This is only my second semester, but I am full to the brim with helpful hints. Talk to you soon!

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