CCP- Senioritis

First of all, I changed my site tagline from “high school senior” to “college freshman”. !!!! So if you’re reading this in your email then head on over to the actual website and check it out! (It’s the little things that make me happy.)


 1. A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

2. A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. The only known cure is a phenomenon known as Graduation. -Urban Dictionary


Senioritis is real. Even for good students. And it is awful. However, I am convinced that something similar happens to everyone at the end of the school year. The difference here (I am sure that is is worse for college seniors) is that seniors are at the end of something. They don’t have next year to come back to. They have something new coming, huge changes, they get to/have to leave. And that’s hard for most people. They have been working HARD for the past 4 years to get into “that” college or get “that” job, and now that they are accepted to “that” college. Do the last few months of senior year even matter?? It is hard to find motivation to finish out the school year when it has hardly any impact on their future plans. Cue the Pinterest and Instagram..


And then once we realize the quotes aren’t really helping we decide to open our books to study.

HA actually that’s not how it works.

Once we finally close that Pinterest app, we probably go and annoy our friends/family or whatever unfortunate soul happens to be around us by complaining about all of the work we have to do. Once they banish us from their presence, this is where the tears come in. Or the chocolate. OR BOTH.

If we ever finally sit down with our work, we’ll probably proceed to make at least 10 to-do lists about the things that we have to do and two separate count downs to the end of the year. Now, to outsiders, this may look like we are being productive and organized. Au contraire. This is the oldest trick in the book for a procrastinator, which all seniors seem to be.

Once we realize that there are no more to-do lists to be made *gasp* we’ll tackle that first (and probably easiest) item on our list. After finishing that, we’ll think “YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON. YOU DESERVE MORE CHOCOLATE AND A NICE LOOONNG BREAK FROM THE WORK THAT YOU JUST CONQUERED.” When, in reality, we just set out our notes and made our desk look pretty and took a picture of it all.

Okay, okay this may (or may not) be an exaggeration of the events that actually take place during one’s senior year. But now that I have lived through this (that makes it sound like the worst thing ever, which I’m sure it’s not:D) I have a few tips to give soon-to-be seniors.

  1. Get the “Forest” app for studying. It works wonders. You basically set a timer for how long you want to study. If you close out of the app, you get a dead tree. But if you stay in the app for the entire time, you get a healthy tree added to your forest. They also have white rain sounds (city, rainforest, etc.) for you to use. *Tip- don’t answer phone calls because it will kill your tree:D* You can also set a “break timer” so that you can get in that Pinterest time in order that you don’t go crazy. This was the biggest way for me to stay focused during finals week.
  2. Take study breaks to exercise or eat (good food). Don’t try to eat while studying. You’ll just get distracted, trust me.
  3. When you’re hard core studying, don’t listen to music that you could sing along with. Keep the throw-back songs (:D) for when you’re just copying notes or making flashcards. Pandora has study music stations. I’m sure youtube and Spotify do as well. Or use a white-noise app. (OR THE FOREST APP). My favorite way to study though is with The Strive Studies on YouTube. Go check her out,. It’s amazing how helpful it can be to “study with another person”.
  4. Enjoy life. You only get high school senior year once. Go to homecoming and prom. Go see your last sports games. Hang out with friends and do absolutely nothing or go out for a fancy-ish dinner on Saturday night. Eat pizza. Wear sweatpants to school. This is your last year.
  5. But do say no to some fun things. If you know that you have a big test the next day, don’t go out with friends that particular night/don’t watch the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Everyone is going to find ways that work for them. But you have to work to find those ways. My biggest tip for any student is this: TREAT EVERY TEST OR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT LIKE IT MATTERS TO YOUR FINAL GRADE. Because it really does. The first test at the beginning of the semester will set the tone for the rest of the class. If you do well on it, you’ll give yourself a cushion for when the material becomes harder. Start each semester with a good work ethic, and you’ll do fine. But don’t slack just because the material is easy now, because (especially for you CCP students) it will get 10x harder within the next week. Trust me.

Okay, longer post than normal, but those are some of my thoughts on senioritis. It can be a challenging time for most people, it definitely was for me. Please, please, please don’t beat yourself up about it. This goes for you straight-A students. Don’t feel like you’re a failure for not wanting to do the work anymore. But even if you don’t want to do it, do it anyway.

The last few months of senior year still matter. Your college gets to see your final transcript.  Show them that you are the student they think you are. Work hard, and then enjoy your summer. Time does pass. Before you know it, you’ll be graduated and at college. Don’t waste senior year complaining about it. Enjoy it.


DSP- Part 3: My final college decision!


Hi friends and happy Friday! Today, I have my final college decision for you. I wrote about my weekend at Albion college this week. Monday I posted about my day in general and Wednesday, I posted about the other sessions I went to. Go check them out!

That day was one of the biggest factors in my final decision. Everyone made me feel so welcome and at home. I learned about all of the amazing opportunities offered to me, and I feel like I will fit right in.

Needless to say, I have officially committed to Albion College! Class of 2021.




Here are the areas that I want to get involved in:

  • Honors program
  • Gerstacker institute
  • Healthcare institute
  • Equestrian team (either western or hunt seat)
  • Christian campus ministry
  • Greek life (sorority)
  • and other student organizations/clubs


My major: exercise science

My minor: ???

My track: premed, with plans of going to medical school and becoming a physician (right now, I want to be a pediatric surgeon, neonatologist, or Ob/Gyn)

I’ve been talking to a lot of people in my class, making friends and finding potential roommates. I have 9 weeks left of high school. Eep! I want to enjoy this as much as I can and get the best grades possible.

Senioritis is a real thing guys:p

But it’s Friday, I’m finishing up my Spring Break, so I’ll be back at it again come Monday.


Model UN 2017

Good Saturday evening!

Last weekend, I had my Model UN convention. I think I said this, but I represented the Kingdom of Norway on the Committee on Narcotic Drugs. Last year, I was Spain on the Simulation Security Council. I wrote a post with some tips for Model UN delegates then too!

This year was just as amazing, if not more. We had 5 delegates on our team this year. There was only one other person, besides me, who had gone last year which means the other three were kind of lost for the first little bit. But, I have to be honest, I felt way out of my league too! The other delegates just knew so much and knew how to talk and write the position papers and negotiate.

I was able to actually write several clauses in a few papers, which was something I hadn’t done last year, so I was proud of that. But if I do it again, I know that I will research my country better. For example…I had been working on this one paper (in support of  the decriminalization of certain drugs, mainly for the decriminalization of women and girls who were forced into the drug trade through drug trafficking.) After about five hours of work on it, I was researching Norway’s views on a particular law, and realized that Norway wasn’t exactly in support of most of the paper…I had just thought that they were. I went with it, and made sure that I got some of our policy in there, but it wasn’t a very good feeling! Long story short, I’ll do better next time.

Clothes wise… I wore the same thing as last year:)

And we took our “traditional” (if it can be called that after only a few years) picture in front of the water wall.


That one is really blurry though…

So that’s it! I have another week of school ahead of me:)

The Insanity of Finals

Hello friends!

My finals week is next week. Eep!! Since I have had the “college finals” experience twice before, I now have realized what I need to do to be more successful. This semester, I have a final in every class. Last year, I had a final in about half of my classes. The good thing is that I have 1 final each day for a total of 4 finals next week. I know some people might like to have them all on just one or two days, but I prefer to have them spaced out to give me the ability to “hyper-focus” (is that a word??) on each exam.

So anyway, I have organized my next 2 weeks. Maybe over organized, but I think it will help me get things done.

First, I scheduled my morning in time increments and wrote it out (color coded of course) on my whiteboard:


Wakeup 6:30

Get ready(teeth, wash face, etc)

Devos 7:45

Eat 8:00

Yoga (I do a quick 15 minute yoga to wake me up and get ready for the day. it really helps!) 8:15

Get ready (hair, makeup, clothes) 8:30

Leave 8:50-9:00


–>workout after school

–>shower (on certain days)

–>study some more!

–>quick room clean

–>set out clothes, lunch, fill water bottle

–>depending on what time it is, I’ll watch an episode of something, but I try to be in bed between 9&10.


So that’s my general daily schedule. I think it will help keep me on track instead of procrastinating.

Next, I wrote out all of the things I know I want to do each day on a note card. There are 10 days until my last final so I drew 10 columns. At the top of each column is the day. When I finish each task I color in the box with the corresponding color sharpie☺ For the shower row, I blacked out some days and left the days blank that I expect to take a shower.


To finish off my organization frenzy, I wrote down exactly what I need to study each day for each subject in order to be ready for the final. It doesn’t look like as much when I put it on paper!


Then on the days of each exam, I wrote “exam” so I could clearly see it😃


So that’s what I am doing to maintain my sanity during finals! Somehow, organizing things like that helps ease the stress and keep me motivated.

Well, I’m off to take my last lab exam of A&P 1!!! It’s all about the brain, ear, and eye.👌


Talk to you soon! 


**not sure if the pictures will post sideways…ah computers🙄**


















Tips for the SAT

First of all, the best feeling in the whole entire world is riding a horse. Especially riding a horse on a hot day outside and getting dirty and then giving the horse a bath. Can’t top it:D So I highly recommend you do it at least once in your life.

Moving along, this past Saturday, I took the SAT for the second time. I think I did significantly better than the first time I took it which was last spring. Two factors that I think will bump my score…okay three. 1) It is my second time taking it and that usually means your score goes up. 2) I have taken two semesters of college English and college math so I am a bit smarter than I was last spring:) 3) I used a study program to get me ready. It is called College Prep Genius and it truly works wonders!! The lady that made it has done a lot of research about the SAT and the new SAT and knows the little tricks that the test writers use. It also works for studying for the ACT. She doesn’t teach the subject material. She teaches ways to answer each question quickly without being a master of the subject. For instance, every math problem can be answered without a calculator, quickly, even if math isn’t your strong suit. I should have started studying earlier, but it definitely helped me.

So these three factors take me to my first three tips:

  1. Take the test more than once unless, by some outstanding feat, you get a perfect score your first time.
  2. Make sure that you are actually ready to take the test school wise.
  3. Find a study program or method that works for you and stick to it. I recommend College Prep Genius, but there are many wonderful programs on the market like Kaplan Test Prep.

And here is the rest of my test day advice:

  1. The night before, go to bed at a normal time-not too late and not too early.
  2. Don’t study right before you go to bed. Just relax and let whatever studying you did sink into your brain. Don’t tired yourself out the night before because you will need your energy for the test.
  3. Set out your clothes, calculator, pencils, snacks, etc. before you go to bed so you don’t have to worry about it the next day. Better yet, put it all in the car!
  4. Don’t wake up too early. Wake up at a time that will give you just enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast, gather your things and go. This is a personal strategy of mine. I find that if I wake up too early then I have extra time that I spend just worrying. If I can wake up just on time, then I can focus on getting ready and not on the upcoming test.
  5. Eat a good breakfast, but not a large breakfast. I ate eggs and toast because that is what fills me up. But I didn’t stuff myself. I know that if I eat too much food, I will get really sick, and I did not want that distraction.
  6. Take good snacks and water. At every break make sure you get out of the testing room to eat a bite and take drink and stretch your legs. If you have time, go to the bathroom-even if it is just to wash your hands. Any bit of break from sitting and reading you can get will help you in the long run.
  7. Wear comfy clothes. You don’t want to be sitting there constantly adjusting your clothes during the test. Wear sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a sloppy ponytail if you want to. This test is about you and your future, not how well dressed you are 🙂
  8. Above all, don’t psych yourself out. Yes, this is a very important test, but it is just that–a test. If you have prepared well, and done what you can, then you will do fine. And if you don’t get the score you want this time through, you can take it again.
  9. Finally, when you are registering, don’t put down colleges to send your score to unless you are confident that you will do well. When I took my ACT in December, I put down three colleges to automatically send my scores to, and I wish that I hadn’t done that. You can always send your scores after the scores come out. That way, if you don’t want a college to see a score, they won’t.

I am taking the ACT this Saturday, and hopefully I get a good enough score that I won’t have to take it again. I have one more piece of advice: DO NOT SCHEDULE EITHER TEST DURING FINALS WEEK and if you can NOT DURING SCHOOL AT ALL. I made that mistake with my ACT. It was at the end of my finals week, and I was so busy studying for them that I didn’t have time to study for the ACT. Never again will I make that mistake:)

College Credit Plus: What do I do first?! Part 1

Hi there.

I just finished my online Latin class and now I need to take a brief break from studying so I decided to do a post! It is a beautiful day here, a little bit on the warm side. but it even started to rain…just a little bit…which made it even more beautiful.

So when I started school last week, I got all of these papers and syllabi and resources and websites just thrown at me. I had no idea how to organize them.

Part 1 of ‘What do I do first?! (That is how I felt! Maybe a little bit more panicked) will be all about organizing your papers on the first day. Part 2 will be about scheduling your day–something that I just recently figured out.

Let’s get started!

I Pinterested and Googled ‘How to get organized for college’ (or something like that) many, many times. I found some great ideas and ultimately complied my own system.

What I bought:

  • Large binder
  • Binder Folder for each class
  • Loose leaf paper
  • A notebook for each class
  • pens
  • pencils
  • highlighters
  • pencil pouch
  • white out
  • planner

Ok. So what did I do with all of that?

  1. I labeled each folder for each of my classes and put them in my binder. I liked the idea of having one large binder rather than 6 regular binders because I think that it is easier to carry around.
  2. I then labeled each notebook for each of my classes. I tried to color coordinate each subject. For example, for my Latin class, I used my purple notebook and my purple folder.
  3. Next, I printed out my schedule and put it on the inside of my binder so that I could access it very quickly.
  4. I took my loose notebook paper and put it in my binder behind the folders. I use the loose paper to take notes during class and then transfer the notes over to my class notebook after class. That way I am reviewing the material by writing it several times.
  5. Put all of your pens pencils, white out, highlighter, etc. into your pencil pouch to keep in your back pack.
  6. My planner. I love this part! Just make sure that you have one! It is essential. Get one that has a calendar view as well as a weekly view.

Now that you are ready for the first day of school, what do you do after you have had your first classes?

  1. Gather all of your syllabi into one spot. I highlight the ‘important info’ (Professor’s name/office hours, class title, class time). Usually, the professor will go over the syllabus on your first day. Take the opportunity to highlight important features in the class (homework is always due on this day OR always staple your homework in this corner). Make notes if you have questions and stay after class to ask your professor.
  2. Now that you have your syllabi, turn to the page that shows you all of the due dates. Choose a color pen for each class and start filling in all of your due dates on the calendar view of your planner. For example, my Latin class has a purple notebook and folder so I chose to use purple pen when writing in my assignments.
  3. I underlined each type of assignment differently. For regular homework, I didn’t underline. Quizzes: regular underline. Special assignments (research, etc.): squiggly underline. Exams: put a box around it. Every time I finish something, I cross it off.

That is what I did my first day of school. I felt much better because I had all of my due dates in one spot and don’t have to go searching through multiple papers to find out when something was due. Feel free to change anything to make it easier for you.

Part 2 will focus on scheduling individual days so that you get everything done on time. I hope that wasn’t too confusing:/

College Credit Plus: Intro

Before I get into the actual post, I promised you the answer to this question: Where is the Bob Evans HQ located? The answer: Rio Grande, Ohio. Now, you might be saying, ‘Ok…so what?’ (This is from my history teacher.) What I thought was funny about this was that Rio Grande, Ohio is pronounced RY-oh GRAND, Ohio. :/ Why couldn’t we have just kept it REE-oh GRAND-ay, I ask you?

Since I am now a CCP student–College Credit Plus–I thought that I would start putting up CCP advice posts. How to Study and get organized and transition to the college setting, etc.

I just wanted to start off with this new ‘line of posts’ by introducing CCP for anyone who doesn’t really know what it is.

Here is a great link to check out. It has a ton of resources about CCP.

CCP, in short, is a way for any student from grades 7-12 to take college courses to earn college and high school credit. They just added the 7th and 8th grade concept this year, and I am not clear on how that works. I just know that it is a possibility.

Any public university/college in the state of Ohio is now legally obligated to take part in the CCP. This includes accepting CCP students while they are in high school and accepting their credits when they apply to college.

In some cases, you are able to earn an associate degree along with your high school diploma. Most people I talk to however come within a few credits of receiving their associate degree. I think you can get around this by taking a few summer courses. I need to talk to my guidance counselor about that. I really want to get that associate degree. But if it doesn’t work out, that’s ok too. I still will have gotten that many courses out of the way for free before going to college.

That brings me to my next point. CCP is free to any public school student. Home schooled students have to pay for it themselves. At my institution, home school students are given a few classes free, but only until funds run out. While I think this is highly unfair, it is important to know.

CCP students receive grades from their courses that go on their high school transcript as well as their college transcript. Yes, CCP-ers get a college transcript. You take a risk when enrolling in CCP because you CANNOT ERASE A COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT. Or so says my guidance counselor. And I believe him:) Whatever grades you get will show up when applying to colleges for the rest of your life so you better be ready to earn those good grades.

You don’t just have to go to a college campus to take part in CCP. You can take online college courses, or even take classes at your high school if your high school has partnered with a college.

That is just a little bit of CCP. Most of this information is due to my experience, so don’t just take my word for it. If you are interested in CCP, talk to your HS guidance counselor to learn about your high school’s policies.

I have plenty more posts with specific advice coming soon so stay tuned.