The Short and Sweet

Maybe you are on this page because you want the bare minimum of who I am. If you want a more…shall we say…in depth look into my quirky head, go ahead and read A Little Story. Shall we begin?

1. I am a Christian.

2. I am a college freshman.

3. I love athletic clothes.

4. I kind of love croissant donuts…and sugar.

5. And food.

6. But, I love to workout.

7. If you ask my closest friends, they’d tell you I’m weirdly obsessed with medicine. …

8. My dream profession is somewhere in the medical field, I just know it. For now–Pediatric Surgery

9. I adore babies and children–I dream of getting married and having a family…and a successful career.

10. I just about live for my summer camp where I am a counselor.

11. I enjoy family vacations. (Especially with Noni, my grandma.)

12. My favorite color is teal and mashed potatoes are life.

13. I wish I had more time to read.

14. I laugh a lot over the stupidest things.

15. I love to write.

16. I ride horses.

17. I need to be around people…but also need my alone time.

18. I have big dreams.

19. I am a hopeless romantic, Hallmark channel anyone?

20. I am going to attend Albion College come this fall. Go Brits! Class of 2021 ❤

21. I like yoga.

22. I love that you are reading this! Have a wonderful, blessed day.

For my 16th birthday, my mom got me scrubs and a stethoscope:D

^No, I am not a doctor or nurse…yet. My sweet mama got me scrubs and a stethoscope for my 16th birthday:) and one day I hope this is what I get to wear every day.


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