A Little Story

May I just say how happy I am for someone to be reading this?! okay, thank you much:) Oh yes, I would like to welcome you to my blog. I’m Becca Rychener.


This was previously Healthy in High School, but now that I’m graduated (!) I decided to redo everything, including this entire page.

Let’s see, I’ll start with the basics that you probably want to know right away. In the fall, I will be a student at Albion College. I’ll be majoring in exercise science on the pre-med track. I hope to one day become a pediatric surgeon. Check back in with me in 16 years, and we’ll see what I’m doing then:)

I’m also a camp counselor. I have gone to my camp since I was going into 4th grade, and this will be my 2nd year on staff. It is very much my second home and the people I have met there my 2nd family. This is the last summer that I will for sure be able to counsel all the weeks so I am going to soak it in as much as I can!

Going back in time for a moment…I went to a small private, Christian, classical school from kindergarten thru 8th grade. And when I say small, I mean there were only 50 students K-8. I had 4 other people in my 8th grade class, all of whom were boys.

Then for my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I was homeschooled. I was able to start an after school writing club and the first school newspaper at the aforementioned school since my mom taught there. And I gave piano lessons!

Junior year. I started as a public school student for the very first time. But I didn’t take a single class there, and I never have. Instead, I took all of my classes through the College Credit Plus program that Ohio offers. Fall semester, I took intro to chemistry, early American history, statistics, and an intro writing class. I also took an online Latin class for my language credit. Spring semester, I continued the Latin class. I also took another writing class, College algebra 1, American government, and cell biology. I was also able to join the college’s Model United Nation’s team.


I was crazy stressed most of the time, but I finished with all A’s!

Senior year. I started applying to colleges. I applied to 9 in total. Fall semester, I took Anatomy and Physiology 1 (A&P), college algebra 2, modern American history, and computer science. I was in Model UN again as well. Spring semester, I had physics, A&P 2, microeconomics, and precalculus.

Senior pictures!

I accepted my offer of admission to Albion College!!!!! I cannot be more pleased with my decision, and I was blessed that the whole college decision process was relatively easy for me.


This was by far my hardest semester. Work load and also for personal reasons. I finished my high school career with all A’s except for 2 B’s (in physics and Econ).

And then, after many frustrations, fears, cries and tears, laughs, successes and failures, papers and exams, I graduated.


I would not have made it through this crazy time without God, my friends and family, chocolate and a healthy dose of procrastination. I thank God every day that I have made it this far, and I can’t wait to see where he takes me in this next chapter of my life.

Thank you for making it to the end of this! Please stick around and read some more. Have an amazing day.





One thought on “A Little Story

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