DSP- Part 2: the other parts of my day

Yesterday, I talked about the Distinguished Scholars Program at Albion college in general terms, and today I wanted to talk more about the other sessions that I went to before my actual presentation. Here is yesterday’s post if you want to catch up.


First, I met with the Honors program correspondent. The honors building is by far my favorite building on campus so far…besides maybe the stables;) It is a small, old building. Right inside the door is the honors classroom: wood, big board room table, chalk board, radiators, etc. Then the stairs (an old narrow rickety set of winding stairs) lead up to the two offices and little sitting area. It was cozy and quaint AND they have a resident dog. What could get much better than that??

I learned a lot about the honors program. Every honors student (a group of select students are chosen based on their honors application each year) are required to take 4 honors classes, and complete an honors thesis. The classes sound amazing. The professors generally don’t give exams or homework (how great is that?!) because the class is purely discussion and reading based. These classes count towards graduation which means that they aren’t extra classes that are taking time away from classes that “count”. For the thesis, students can do it on anything even if it’s not within their major. They typically spend junior and senior year working on the research and writing their final copy. One student did a 10 page math proof, and another even wrote a 500 page novel. In fact, one student actually wrote hers on how a college would benefit from having an equestrian program. Guess what?? A wealthy lady read it and funded it! So that student now is the founder and director of Albion’s equestrian center!! Honors just has a lot of opportunities for students. For instance, they have a special study abroad program in Scotland (I have always wanted to go there). Honors students can apply and if they get accepted, they study at the University of Edinburgh for a semester and earn credit for Albion. They have the opportunity to study with other international students and travel Europe. How amazing does that sound??

This past week, I got my acceptance letter to the honors program, I’m in!


Okay, next I met with the director for the Gerstacker Institute. Albion has these different institutes which are technically concentrations–less work than a major but more work than a minor. The Gerstacker is the business institute. Business and non-business majors can participate. They require certain classes, an internship, and even a summer of summer classes specific to Gerstacker students. They emphasize leadership skills, team work, and professional development. They give students a lot of opportunities to network and strengthen their resumes. There is a lot I could say about it, but that’s basically Gerstacker in a nutshell:) At the end of the (very) informal interview, she actually offered me admission (which, again, I had to apply specially for)!!

And finally, I went to a group session for the Institute for Healthcare Professions. This is, again, a concentration and I had to apply for it. The director ran the session and she was actually one of the leaders of Camp Med. She immediately said hi and hugged me when I walked in:) She made me feel so happy and welcome! I learned a lot about the institute–it is an amazing support system and guidance for pre med and medical school applications. From required volunteering to mock interviews and healthcare centered classes to helping with the actual application. And early this past week I received my admissions letter for that as well!


I am beyond excited for all of the opportunities that I have through these different programs. Friday, I’ll talk about my final college decision…if you couldn’t tell already:)





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